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maintenance nationwide

Welcome to Serviceline... your 1st Class Quality Service

Increase the working life and efficiency of your kitchen equipment, whilst reducing breakdowns and costs with Serviceline. For more details click on the video, click here to download our brochure, or continue to browse our site. 

For more than 25 years Serviceline has assisted the catering industry in the management and ongoing care of catering and refrigeration equipment.

We ensure kitchens satisfy health and safety and CSR standards and run effectively and efficiently, with fast repair and maintenance when needed.

At Serviceline we provide highly qualified technical and managerial support to help our customers. We are upfront and transparent about contracts and charges, utilising state of the art CRM systems and reporting tools to help you work smarter.

Our technical advisors will help you plan the right package of support for your budget and needs. Our inhouse team of call handling specialists manage service appointments and provide a helpline for queries.

Providing a first-class service is our priority and we are proud to lead the industry in setting exceptional standards for quality and safety.

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