Lincat issue immediate product recall – IMC 500 series of waste disposers

Lincat has issued immediate product recall, affecting the IMC 500 Series of waste disposers

Serviceline remain fully committed to customer safety, and following the announcement immediately carried out a thorough review ensuring that all customers who may be affected, received the same urgent communication. Together with the Serviceline engineering teams, support has been provided to safely disconnect and isolate the equipment.

The manufacturer stated: “Following the closure of the IMC factory, the manufacturing of all IMC products has been moved to Lincat. We have conducted a full technical review of every IMC product as part of the transfer process. As a result of this we have issued a voluntary recall on the 500 series waste disposers. The full technical review revealed in some instances there could be a potential safety risk with these disposers.”

Lincat revealed: “We have become aware of an issue by which, in rare cases, the products may present a risk of electric shock and associated bodily injury to anyone coming into contact with them.”

The safety warning advises users to stop using the item immediately, isolate the electricity supply to the equipment, and contact Lincat to arrange a return or refund, or free removal and replacement with an upgraded unit.

Engineers should provide Lincat with customers’ company names, contact name, address, phone number, email address and the unit’s serial number. Servicing departments were also advised to quarantine all their stock of affected products and spares, and to contact the manufacturer to arrange for a return and refund.

The company underlined: “We have contacted all our UK distributors to identify end user sites to enable us to make contact. We request anyone with any of the above products to stop using them with immediate effect and to contact us on the dedicated phone number or email address below”.

Call 01522 437832 or email

Lincat IMC – URGENT Product Safety Recall Notice – April 2021.