Market Sectors

Through our partnerships we have experience of working in various sectors and have developed the skills required, tailoring our support and services to the strains felt by these varied areas.

If you are facing particular pressures over your equipment we welcome the opportunity to talk them through with you and work together to produce a personalised approach that supports you and provides reassurance.

We are aware the challenges and issues faced by different sectors and industries vary, and we concentrate on ensuring we adapt and provide support that is appropriate. Some of the sectors we have experience in are:

Pubs & Restaurants

We understand our partners in the pub and restaurant industry rely on their kitchens, failures can lead to reduced menus and disappointment for their diners. Our engineers carry extensive van stock for a market leading first time fix rate. They also carry generic parts so in the case of a specialist part failing they can often effect a safe but temporary fix to get the kitchen up and running again whilst a permanent part is sourced.

We are experienced in working within the confines of small kitchens and work with our partners to minimise any disruption to the business during work.

Commercial kitchens

Modern businesses face a large amount of regulation, whilst this is good for the customer it places extra responsibilities on the kitchen. With our safety certificates and our experience of regulations and compliance we can reduce the uncertainty faced.

Contract Caterer Support

Our support for contract caterers covers the full contract lifecycle. We provide assistance to our partners during the contract tendering process with guidance on requirements, budget costs and supporting materials. During the lifetime of the contract our partners also benefit from our flexible range of support options.


Hotels are 24/7 operations where disruption can impact a guest’s experience. We work with our hotel partners to ensure work is carried out in a discrete manner during time windows to fit each individual establishment. We work closely with the onsite estates departments to ensure they have the support, knowledge and confidence in their facilities.

Our extensive risk analysis and method statements ensure all work is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

Garden centres

Garden centre cafes and restaurants are an important source of revenue and a valued service to their visitors throughout the day. We work with our partners to ensure maintenance is carried out at convenient times and minimises any disruption. Maintaining equipment in an efficient state is important for cost control, we can provide advice and support on the most efficient and reliable equipment.

Public Sector

We have partnerships throughout the public sector such as prisons, schools, universities, hospitals and clinics. To support our partners in this area we have a robust process for handling security passes and registering engineers, tools and equipment with site security. In addition, our engineers are DBS checked and regularly audited and assessed. Our technical department conduct risk assessments and produce method statements for the operations we conduct.

Business & Industry

To support our partners in business and industry we have a flexible range of options and the experience to work with the diverse range of equipment plus the variety of ages they possess. We tailor the number of visits and level of cover to the requirements of the partner and our experience of regulation and corporate social responsibility allow us to provide a full range of support.

FM Company Support

Our Facilities management partners face the added time pressures of their client’s requirements. To assist with his we provide fast turnaround of paperwork and estimates and an online portal to allow 24/7 viewing and retrieving of the current status of work.

Stadia and Venues

Working with our stadia and venue partners we've developed procedures and contract options to suit your business. Priority support during events with the option of onsite engineers throughout the event to provide immediate response. Onsite parts stores with tailored stock for the equipment on site.

Our engineers are experienced with the peak period demand during event breaks and will work to ensure kitchens and kiosks that are down are up again as soon as possible. If a temporary repair will be a quicker solution during peak times engineers will carry that out, with a full repair after the event. For signature events we recommend a full preventative maintenance in the weeks before to pick up any marginal equipment faults and parts required.

Nursing homes

Operating to the highest standards and regulations we can ensure equipment is maintained to the manufacturers specification for safe and consistent operations. We have a comprehensive process for risk statements and method statements along with DBS checked engineers for peace of mind.