Our service options offer protection and cover for your whole kitchen, giving a single point of contact and consistent levels of service for all manufacturers and ages of equipment no matter what the manufacturer or age of that equipment.

As a multi-vendor service provider offering whole kitchen cover we maintain relationships with a varied and diverse range of manufacturers. These business collaborations, and the knowledge they bring, are important to us, they also form an important element of the value we bring to all our partners. By having this relationship with the manufacturers, we have access to the latest products and technical information. In addition, it gives us and all our partners a direct route to feedback experiences of their products and help close the loop on new developments.

We are the selected warranty partner for a number of manufacturers, working on their behalf, bringing our technical resources to the support of their customers. Equipment manufacturers trust us, in return allowing us access to and experience of the latest technology and models, technical backup and spares documentation. This is important for a full kitchen support as it means new equipment can immediately be cared for by the same team and in the same way as existing equipment.

We also have a close working relationship with and support many well-known brands such as Falcon, Williams, Wexiodisk, Rational, Hobart, Lincat, Electrolux Professional and Fosters refrigeration just to name a few.

To deliver our full-service support we have an in-house training program lead by our Training manager, backed by a team of experienced engineers. This arrangement ensures engineers are kept up to date with the changes to products, including hands on experience in our demo lab. In addition to manufacturer information the issues and fixes our own engineers have experienced are shared amongst the engineering team through organised training and an electronic knowledge base. Supplementing this development is the manufacturer based training programs that our engineer teams engage in.

Working with such a broad range of manufacturers and equipment of many different ages leads to its own challenges. The field engineers are backed by a technical library that has been assembled over many years with the combined experiences of our engineering team. This comprises varied information such as wiring diagrams, fault code guides, parts diagrams, operational manuals and much more. This information is key in allowing us to provide an efficient and comprehensive service to all our partners.