Business & Industry

To support our partners in business and industry we have a flexible range of options and the experience to work with the diverse range of equipment plus the variety of ages they possess. We tailor the number of visits and level of cover to the requirements of the partner and our experience of regulation and corporate social responsibility allow us to provide a full range of support.

Multiple levels of cover

Serviceline offer 3 different levels of service to suit each of our partner’s requirements. Staff catering facilities within a Business & Industry location can vary dramatically. Whilst some may be a typical 9-5 organisation offering one service per day, 5 days a week, others may need to cater for 24 hour operations and have an additional kitchen for hosting customers or meetings.

Satisfying Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Business & industry sites have a duty to monitor their corporate social responsibility. Serviceline are one of the only ISO accredited catering and refrigeration companies within the UK industry, the benefits of our knowledge and expertise include:

  • Ensuring equipment is well maintained, meaning it uses less energy and lasts longer, reducing energy waste
  • Attending faulty equipment which can increase pollution, quickly identifying. Fixing equipment reduces this
  • Comprehensive site reporting helps manage assets and reduce waste and misplaced equipment
  • We provide advice on new equipment ensuring the most suitable and efficient options are used
  • Updating refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to modern environmentally friendly gasses.

Find out more about how Serviceline can aid your CSR requirements and our various levels of service cover