Contract Caterers

Our support for contract caterers covers the full contract lifecycle. We provide assistance to our partners during the contract tendering process with guidance on requirements, budget costs and supporting materials. During the lifetime of the contract our partners also benefit from our flexible range of support options.

Helping you understand your new kitchen

Contract catering can be extremely arduous, often chefs enter new premises with minimal prior knowledge of the kitchen and its operational efficiency. Whilst contract caterers have their own arrangement in place with the client, often the kitchen equipment has been previously installed by the client or inherited from the previous contractor. As the equipment service provider Serviceline can provide critical information on the kitchen history. Examples include detailing assets which have undergone regular work, the projected operational life span of various assets and providing advice on maintenance schedules.

Should Serviceline not be the current kitchen and refrigeration maintenance provider we will be more than happy to complete an equipment condition report to help you understand your new kitchen.

Chef and waiters carrying food in restaurant kitchen past commercial equipment

Case study - Contract Caterer

Serviceline looks after the equipment service and maintenance for contracted catering sites across the UK. Our staff are complimented on their smart appearance and punctuality; they know how to deal with security clearances and access procedures & are fully briefed on the customer’s own management systems.

Here is what happened at one site, over Christmas.

It was THE Christmas lunch, some 700 staff would be eating that lunchtime at a big industrial site. The time was logged at 12.18 when Serviceline received the call that both combis had stopped working.

Lunch had not been served yet, but, this was one Christmas that could not be cancelled. There were 700 workers about to sit down and enjoy the main meal of the year together.

An engineer was alerted on the road and immediately despatched. What he found is that both combis had ‘blown’ their steam elements due to an accumulation of debris (limescale) in the pump which feeds the water into the steam generator. This was caused by the water treatment system which had not been looked after properly and was exhausted. Combis are protected from limescale by calcium treatment units or water filters – but these have a working life determined by local water hardness; the harder the water, the shorter the life.

It took only a few minutes for the engineer to clear the pump and get the combis working again, albeit on half steam – it would have taken too long to shut the combis down and refit new elements.

There is a Christmas card in the file thanking Serviceline; “Without Serviceline our Christmas lunch would have been a disaster!”