Garden centres

A garden centre café or restaurant is an important source of revenue and a valued service to their visitors. We work with our partners to ensure maintenance is carried out at convenient times and minimises any disruption. Maintaining equipment in an efficient state is important for cost control, we can provide advice and support on the most efficient and reliable equipment.

A service developed with Garden Centres in mind

Garden centres now have a larger, expansive offering with many now providing food service, activities for children and access to local produce. Making them popular destination locations around the UK. With increased user demand, there are time periods such as school holidays during which loss of trade is unacceptable.

Cafés which may have previously been used to simply serve tea, coffee and cakes are now evolving into full service outlets; offering meals throughout the day. This means new, bigger kitchen equipment which not only requires proper training for staff usage but also regular maintenance to preserve operational efficiency.

How we can help

Serviceline can aid this process by keeping track of your regulatory compliance, equipment status and create a tailored kitchen maintenance servicing programme to fit around your operational peak times.