Hotels are 24/7 operations where disruption can impact a guest’s experience. We work with our hotel partners to ensure work is carried out in a discrete manner during time periods to fit each individual establishment. We work closely with your onsite estates department to ensure they have the support, knowledge and confidence in their facilities.

Over 25 years in partnership with Hotels

From the very beginning we have been working in partnership with Hotels nationwide. Our portfolio of clients reads as a who’s who of highly sought after Hotel estates. Over this time, we’ve come across all manner of situations and workplace problems. Chances are we’ve seen your breakdown before and know the solution to fit around your working requirements often specific to hotels. Our extensive risk analysis and method statements ensure all work is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

Case study – Hotel & conference venue

It was the opening day of a major week-long function that would see thousands of visitors. The caterers are gearing up for action. At 10.15 Serviceline received the call that the huge flight dishwasher on site is not filling and therefore not working.

This is the machine that provides central washing facilities. There are hundreds of guests expected for lunch.

One hour later the Serviceline engineer is on site and running his checks. At 1.30pm the machine was working again just in time to start clearing the huge load from lunch service.

Clean plates & glasses stacked - National restaurant chain

The fault was in a door safety switch which was telling the control system the door was not closed properly. It had been knocked out of line through poor cleaning or being accidentally bashed as a basket was removed. In this case, it needed a repair but these switches are a common cause of faults so it is wise to check that doors are put back in position correctly before making a call.