Restaurants & pubs

To our pub and restaurant partner’s kitchen space is at a premium, Operation is paramount as many simply do not have the kitchen space for spare units. Equipment failures can lead to a magnitude of problems such as perishing stock, reduced menus and disgruntled diners.

Multi-site operations

Large operations and multi-site operators require consistent standards across their business. Choosing a proactive form of service which includes planning and preventative maintenance helps to deliver consistent execution across the estate. To aid budget planning, especially when having acquired new units, chain and multi-site operators often ask for a health report on their refrigeration and kitchen equipment. Detailing age, condition, current work required or in progress and whether the unit needs replacement. To minimise cost, Serviceline can provide this site survey service as part of its regular programme of planned maintenance across the chain.

Upgraded Vehicle Stores

Engineer stock tailored to restaurants & pubs

Through close relationships with many manufacturers Serviceline engineers carry extensive van stock collated for a market leading first time fix rate. Engineers also carry generic parts so in the case of a specialist part failing they can often effect a safe but temporary fix to get the kitchen up and running again whilst a permanent part is sourced. With more than 120 nationwide engineers experienced in working within the confines of small kitchens we get to our partners quickly and work with minimal disruption to the business during service.

The benefits of a well-maintained kitchen operation

Embedded energy costs as designed by the manufacturer are a priority at point of sale. This operational efficiency can only be maintained throughout the equipment’s working life with regular servicing and maintenance by professional kitchen equipment or refrigeration engineers.

Chef frying in large working restaurant fryer. Large stainless steel counters, stoves and freezers around her.

Case study - National pub chain

Part of a major national pub chain and the happy recipient of a brand-new kitchen, this new restaurant opening had been well promoted locally and the big boss was arriving to complete the formalities in front of the local press, who would of course, be given a splendid lunch for their trouble.

But the two very shiny, very new big brand name fryers would not switch on. No fryers, no chips and half the starters and mains are off the menu and the boss looks hungry.

After an emergency call to Serviceline, with whom the caterer has a service contract, an engineer was dispatched ASAP and what he found is that the fryers had ‘tripped out’ – their electrical safety mechanism had been activated and they had shut down.

‘Dead on arrival’ equipment – brand new equipment that refuses to work – is not uncommon, especially as the kit gets more and more electrically sophisticated. It could have been tripped during installation as the power was switched off/on; or more probably, the fryers were tested and left on without any oil. It took the engineer only 10 minutes to re-set the fryers and they worked just fine.