Stadia & Venues

We work with a variety of sporting venues. Each with their own unique usage requirements. For example, food and drink outlets at sporting stadia maybe used significantly twice a month however corporate and hospitality suites will have consistent use with events running year-round.

Serviceline company van - Loaded with spare & replacement parts for a first time fix

Dedicated engineers on standby at your venue

In no other food service industry, do you encounter such a surge in demand within a short time frame. Catering operations could be faced with potentially thousands of customers within a 15 to 30 minute period.   

Working with our stadia and venue partners we've developed procedures and contract options to suit your business.

Priority support is available during events with the option of onsite engineers throughout the event, providing an immediate response. Giving clients access to onsite parts stores with tailored stock for the catering & refrigeration equipment on site. Our engineers are experienced with the peak period demand during event breaks, working to ensure kitchens and kiosks that are down are operating again as soon as possible.

When sufficient and applicable during a peak demand period, engineers are in a position to make a temporary solution, carrying out a full repair after the event. For signature events, we recommend a full preventative maintenance in the weeks before to pick up any marginal equipment faults and parts required.

Case study – Major stadia

It was a beautiful hot summer’s day at a famous tennis tournament. The caterers were gearing themselves up for the mid-afternoon rush for cups of tea, sandwiches and strawberries & cream when the water boilers stopped working!!

Perhaps it was too much Pimms with lunch or the groundsmen who began their days watering too early, but the water tower supplying the complex had been run almost dry by the demands of the toilets, showers, grounds staff and the caterers.

Strawberries & cream at a major sports venue

Three Serviceline engineers are based permanently on site for the duration of the tournament, a quite usual scenario for these high-profile events. These engineers have every tool and spare part imaginable to hand because they might need to repair any manner of equipment on the site from full kitchens to banqueting operations and satellite catering units.

Quite appropriately for this very traditional venue it was the good old fashioned kettle that saved the day, well three kettles to be exact. Each engineer grabbed a large catering kettle, filled it from the nearest tap and poured the water directly into the boilers.

They kept this routine up until the afternoon rush had been quelled and the customers satisfied. Then, out came the tool boxes. Water boilers have a pre-set safety feature which only allows filling when there is a certain degree of water pressure. There is a high safety margin built-in and the engineers could adjust the settings to allow filling under a lower, but still safe, water pressure. Word was also sent to the site maintenance staff asking them to restrict, where they could, the use of water until the end of play.