Contract Levels 

Three decades of partnership with our customers has shaped our service offering, at our core are 3 types of contracts, proven to be the best way of maintaining an efficient and safe kitchen, whilst reducing breakdowns and downtime.


— Maximise operational efficiency

— Minimise energy consumption

— Reduce chance of breakdown

— Comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulations.

PM Level

On prearranged days during the contract, our engineers service all your refrigeration and catering equipment. Without disrupting the kitchen service, they ensure everything works as it should, providing the highest standards of safety for your staff and customers.

The number of visits depends on the type of equipment and the requirements of the site, typically visits follow the pattern of:

Cooking Equipment 2 visits per year
Dishwash & Water fed equipment    4 visits per year
Refrigeration 2 visits per year

Equipment is checked via a comprehensive checklist customised to the type of equipment, an example showing the types of our checks is …

Slicer Maintenance checklist

— Check all wiring, contactors, relays, switches, lamps, safety devices, connections and cable fasteners

— Check motor shaft seal, bearing wear and noise.

— Check belt drive tension, wear.

— Check slide, carriage, meat grip and lubricate.

— Check gauge plate, indexing mechanism, adjust and lubricate.

— Check safety guards, knife, sharpener and sharpen

— Check actuating mechanism, oil levels (automatic).

— Carry out earth continuity test.

— Carry out earth insulation resistance test.

Any equipment that is found to be defective is either repaired at the time or if it requires parts that are not available from van stock a follow-up appointment is made to return the equipment to manufacturer specified order.

Equipment is also cleaned and inspected for any parts that are reaching the end of their service life, any potential risks that will require attention are raised. A comprehensive report detailing all readings and work carried out is produced at the end of the service.

Chef and waiters carrying food in restaurant kitchen (blurred motion)

LI Level

These contracts include all of the benefits of our Preventative Maintenance service, keeping your equipment in good working order. In addition, any labour and travel charges for breakdown work where the equipment has failed through normal use are covered by the contract.  Any parts required to return the equipment to manufacturer specified order are chargeable.


CO Level

For complete peace of mind and budgetary control, a comprehensive contract offers a fully inclusive labour and parts service.

This contract includes all the benefits of our Preventative Maintenance and Labour Inclusive offerings, with the inclusion of any parts that fail through normal use or manufacturing defects.

Whilst we do not include accidental damage done to doors, panels etc or through misuse we can provide training and advise on using equipment to minimise the risk of damage.


Two happy chefs in the industrial kitchen